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About The Hollows

Zone name: Eastgate (AKA "The Hollows")

Level range: 5-15

Hazard Zone

Adjacent zones: Atlas Park, Skyway City

Description: The Trolls have expanded their territory at the expense of the citizens of Eastgate. A once peaceful district has been turned into a battleground, and the Paragon City Police Task Force is in need of help.

Eastgate used to be a nice residential neighborhood with a view of the ocean. Before Trolls moved in, that is. On a quest for more territory, a group of Trolls headed into the sewers under Eastgate with the intent of blasting open a large area. What they didn't know that there was already an extensive cave warren beneath the area. Their blasts destabilized the ground and collapsed a large section of the zone. When the dust settled, the surviving Trolls realized that they had found an excellent area for expansion. This event became known as the Hollowing. Since the Hollowing, other groups have moved into the area, including the Outcasts, the Circle of Thorns, and the strange rock-like creatures known as Pumicites. The Paragon City Police Department has its hands full trying to expel these threast so that reconstruction on the Hollows can begin.

Paragon Times Article: July 28, 2004 - Eastgate Under Siege




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