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One of Paragon City’s most infamous street gangs is the Outcasts. A small but dangerous group, the Outcasts have a strong grip on many of the neighborhoods in Steel Canyon, although their long-standing enemies, the Trolls and the Tsoo, constantly threaten to upset the status quo. Gang wars are vicious, bloody, and all too common.

On the surface, the Outcasts are one of the most diverse gangs in appearance. It has a strong attraction for many lower-powered criminals who do not feel they have the raw power to go it on their own. These junior members fall into the life searching for a way to make a name for themselves despite their minor abilities. The initiates are thus more diversified in make-up and background than in some gangs. The members are unified, however, as they all have elemental-based, super-powered abilities. They tend to subdivide into smaller gang lines, or chapters, based on their particular affinity, such as stone (Bricks), air (Shockers), ice (Freezers), and fire (Scorchers). Each chapter has its own colors and modus operandi, although the lowest ranked members are most similar as their powers are unremarkable as a rule. As they climb the ranks, they become more fiercely loyal to their particular line, and their now lethal elemental powers distinguish them by name and reputation.

Although small, this gang is especially dangerous because all of its members have some modicum of power – minions perhaps only a tiny spark, but the leaders of the gang are super-powered villains to be reckoned with.

The Outcasts have plagued Paragon City for years, but in recent days have appeared to expand their power base. After the Trolls’ unleashed their devastating explosion under Eastgate, creating the Hollows, the Outcasts knew they couldn’t let the new territory fall into their enemies’ hands, and so a splinter group moved into the caverns. Due to stubbornness and selfishness, each chapter pretty much goes its own way with little central leadership. Occasionally the leaders of the chapters agree on a particular tactic, but there is little overarching strategy directing the group. While rivalries between the different factions are not uncommon, these petty squabbles fall by the wayside when the gang is threatened by an outsider, whether Troll or cape. Outcasts tend to identify by line and personal reputation for internal matters, but quickly fall into rank when dealing with the greater world.

Villain Profile:

Founding Outcast: Leonard "Frostfire" Calhoun

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